WPS Office : Suite bureautique


WPS Office

WPS Office est une suite bureautique gratuite multi-plateformes (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows) dont l’interface ressemble à MS Office 2010. Anciennement nommée Kingsoft Office.

Plus d’informations : https://www.wps.com/office-free

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  1. Avatar rotuju dit :

    J’avais préparé un post pour un site en anglais, je le colle ici, j’ai la flemme de le traduire.
    Personaly I’ve tested wps office, many say that it’s an awsome product. The truth, for me, is that it contains many bugs. Problems with page format, some compatibility issues with ms files import, importing text could be erratic (Cut and paste, got my text in chinese letters  with wps!), spreadsheet not able to copy/drag some cells, slow, euh… I prefer Office 97!!! So my wife is still using wps, for me office 2003 and 2010 is good enough. Not worth the price, even if it’s cheap.My opinion of course, but try it first, for one month. You’ll see. It looks like Ms Office, but it is not – far from it! And believe me, I’m sad about it, because I REALLY wanted to switch from Ms to something else – I find Ms Office having heavy footprint on my old computer (unless using old versions).

    • Avatar christophe dit :

      Merci pour ton commentaire. De mon côté, les fichiers créés sous wps ne peuvent pas être ouverts sous office 2016… un message d’etreur.
      J’espere que la nouvelle version va corriger ces bugs.

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